Super-Power: Responsibility

First I have to say, I applaud that you are even reading this blog with the word "Responsibility" in the title. In general, the word and concept are avoided at all costs - at least when talking about ourselves.

The problem is, with responsibility, often comes blame. Who's responsible? Those words have been dangerous ever since we've been children. Heck, even the dog knows to go hide when uttered.Responsibility

So, why would I call this article, "Super-Power: Responsibility"? We are so stuck being children - avoiding responsibility - that we miss out on the tremendous power that comes from being responsible. The determination of the future rests with whoever is responsible.

There are billions of reasons why any one thing happens. I'm writing this blog because it's on my schedule; because it's a daily discipline; because my customers like reading it; because I want to impress visitors; because the computer didn't break down like it did two days ago; because I like writing; because others in my company don't like writing; because ... You get the picture.

So, when we say "Who's Responsible?", why do we pick only one of these reasons. Typically, if it's good, we take credit and if it's bad, we blame others - purely as a defense mechanism. Well, taking on leadership or claiming power requires a different approach.

To have power over the direction of your future, or your business, you need to claim responsibility. Take it! Even if you can look good or get off the hook by avoiding it. When you take it, you claim your super-power, when you avoid it, you become a victim.

By taking responsibility, entreprenuers get a broader say about how their business goes. They notice their part in any failure, and they go about developing the systems or skills to overcome those problems. And, they take pride in their successes or lessons from any result.

How will you claim your super-power today?

Gary Menezes, 2019-02-27 | Posted in General